Bryony Cottage Cattery
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Terms and conditions

Only cats with current vaccination certificates against feline infections, enteritis and respiratory infections (cat flu) can be accepted for boarding.
Please note vaccinations must be completed at least 2 weeks before boarding. Owners MUST produce an up to date certificate on arrival.
It is advisable to use flea and worming treatments before your cats visit.
Cats are inspected on arrival and will be refused admission if there are any signs of ill health, pending advice from the vet. This is essential to protect the health of all cats boarding with us.
Sorry I do not accommodate un-neutered mature males.

Feeding requirements

Individual diets are fully catered for, prepared in our cattery kitchen in hygienic conditions.
Special attention is given to elderly cats, kittens and those pets with specific needs for example those needing medication including Diabetics.

What to bring to the cattery

Vaccination certificate
Favourite blanket or toy
Your cat in a secure carrier